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Book Title: Walking By Faith:

An Afro-American Trilogy (Revised Edition)
Author’s Name: Zeretha Jenkins
Publisher: E.F.S. Online Publishing
Release Date: November 12, 2006
Page Count: 96 Pages
Format (Hardcover/Softcover): Softcover
Retail Price: $12.95
ISBN: 0-9701344-0-1
Genre: Drama/Inspirational/Religion

ISBN: 0-9701344-0-1
Genre: Drama/Inspirational/Religion



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“Zeretha Jenkins is a writer after my own heart.  In her Afro-American Trilogy she educates while entertaining and entertains while giving us a history lesson.  Her humor keeps you just enough off-kilter to keep you turning pages, or in

your seat.  It should be a welcome addition to school drama departments as well as to material hungry African-American theatre groups of all stripes."
- Micki Grant,Multiple-Award-Winning 
Actor, and Grammy-Winning 
Composer/Author/Lyricist of the    
                Broadway Musical,  Don’t Bother       
                Me, I Can’t Cope,
and others



“My Christian Sister Zeretha has scored again as she uses her playwright genuineness to give insight to the body, mind, and spiritual personality of great African Americans, who have made great contributions to our Black History.


In page after page in these three plays you can see the compassionate, innovative, warm richly talented figure of the author touching the life and thoughts of generations of great leaders who kept the faith and not only talked the talk but walked the walk.


May God bless her as she continues to use her gift in love and faith.”

                            - Minister Olevia Stewart-Smith, MSW, M.Div.

                CanaanBaptistChurch of Christ
New York, NY



“In reading Walking By Faith: An Afro- American Trilogy, it renewed my spirit and faith.  We are a chosen people.  Yes, the road has not been easy.  Walking By Faith clearly confirms our survival.


Thank you, Zeretha, for sharing your God-given gift of pen.”

       - Eleanor Kennedy, Retail Business Owner, Harlem, NY



“Words – the right words when carefully chosen – are priceless gifts that can inspire, uplift and lead us to greater achievements. Walking By Faith: An Afro-American Trilogy does all these things and more.  The characters’ words, their dialogue, spoken at just the right time are both exciting and enlightening!  This book re-ignites the spark within my heart that makes me proud, ever so proud, to be of African ancestry.  I strongly advise anyone who is Walking By Faith to take this delightful journey!”

- Vanessa K. Carroll, Stephen Minister

   LakewoodChurch, Houston, TX



“Walking By Faith: An Afro- American Trilogy gives a nicely crafted glimpse into the historical contributions of Black Americans and their impact upon the world.  This is easy reading but provides a quick and profound flashback on black culture.  May it be performed and/or become required reading especially for grade school students.

  - Gerald Savage, Professor - EssexCountyCollege, Newark, NJ



“Thrilling…humorous…uplifting and educational all at once!  Walking By Faith:  An Afro-American Trilogy stresses a key message:  acknowledge your past, and embrace the present so that you can control and mold your destination – your future.  Now that I can truly relate to!”

- Jovian Terrell, New Orleans, LA



“These characters will live forever because they so accurately capture the essence of us as Afro-American people.”

- Vivian Wesley, Reno, Nevada



“I’ve never enjoyed a better history lesson! Walking By Faith: An Afro-American Trilogy is enlightening, educational, and entertaining.”

- Terra LaShon, Houston, TX


“Walking By Faith: An Afro-American Trilogy is a grand journey through Afro-American history that has a universal theme for all.”

- Malik K. Travis, Chicago, IL



“Walking By Faith: An Afro-American Trilogy is a constant inspiration for me and a reminder that our footsteps in life lead from our heritage to any significant goals we choose to accomplish.”

-         Debra A. Hill, Monroe, LA

Radiologic Technologist



“What a magnificent timely journey you’ve provided us in Walking By Faith: An Afro-American Trilogy.  So refreshing, uplifting and entertaining!  Thank you!”

- Steve Hinton, Atlanta, GA



“People of all ethnicities, races, colors and classes should see this work performed!  It’s appropriate 24/7 and is always in season!”

- Freda J. Hoston, Law Enforcement, Louisiana



“Thanks for honoring people of African ancestry – especially   Afro-Americans – with this trilogy of plays deserving production in America and abroad.  It’s both a must read and a must see!”

- Heather R. Jefferson, Dallas, TX



“As a writer, I know the immense number of creative elements    that must come together to create truly magnificent drama.  Zeretha Jenkins has accomplished this and more. Walking By Faith: An Afro-American Trilogy is really an amazing work that’s great for all age levels.  Don’t pass up the opportunity to experience this walk of faith.”

- Karen S. Thornton, Los Angeles, CA 

“I’ve been a Christian almost all of my life and have seen
 some outstanding religious and inspirational plays in my day. Walking By Faith: An Afro-American Trilogy is destined to be such a jewel.”

- Gertrude K. Marks, Beaumont, TX

“How refreshing it is to see such a work as Walking By Faith: An Afro-American Trilogy that not only accurately presents us as an Afro-American people but also simultaneously educates and entertains.  I’d love to see these characters in a sequel.  So get to writing!”

- Marvin Singletary, Washington, DC



“I read Walking By Faith: An Afro-American Trilogy and could see the universal message in it for all people who’ve ever encountered struggle.  Though its emphasis is on the Afro-American experience, its profound message is that the past, present, and future form the composite of us as human beings.  All three are important – that’s the universal theme we must all remember lest we allow history to repeat some of its most serious mistakes.  Thumbs up!  A great work for anyone who shares this philosophy.”

- Marcus Orlando, Dallas, TX



“Walking By Faith: An Afro-American Trilogy is truly inspirational!  It’s a timeless piece everyone should read and also see performed.”

- Betty S. Hampton, Jacksonville, FL

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